Private Yacht Charter Rates and Information

Our Business Objectives and Philosophy

It is our objective to provide a unique service to discriminating clients that is tailored to the client and the incredible environment of Maui County (Maui, Lanai and Molokai). Hawaii has been our home for a long time and we want to give something back so visitors can enjoy it as we have.

We are set up as a luxury sport yacht . We are not equipped as a sport fisher vessel. We can provide a fishing rod, but if you want to seriously fish in the Maui waters you should charter one of many available sport fishing vessels. 

We don't do large groups and limit ourselves to six passengers maximum (minimum age 10).  If you want to go our with a large group on a packaged excursion, there are many such offered on Maui.

We only charter on an advance notice and commitment basis. This is necessary for us to properly prepare for each client. Cancellations inside 48 hours forfeit the deposit, unless it is a weather issue.  Details of terms of service are in the Charter Party Agreement.

We do a pre-charter preference sheet to determine the desires of our clients and we do a pre-charter consultation to be sure we are fully prepared for the clients needs and wants, as well as to be sure we are the type of activity the client wants.  We would rather not take a charter than have a mismatch.

We do a minimum of 4 hours in the morning or 2 hours in the afternoon up to a full day charter.  Choose the activities you would like and we can plan the charter time accordingly.  Some activities or combinations fit in 2 or 4 hour blocks.  More activites,  longer excursions or time in Lahaina may work better in a longer charter.  We try to customize the experience to your desires.


Our basic rate structure is $950 per hour with a 4 hour minimum in the morning and a 2 hour minimum in the afternoon,  plus taxes which are 7%.  Gratuity for crew is not included and at the discretion of client, but typically about 15% if happy with the service.



All safety equipment

Crew of captain plus one

Snorkel equipment and floats

Light meal

Snacks and appetizers

Soft drinks, coffee, tea, juices and mixers, BYOB 




Special dining

etc. depending on client desires

Options do involve extra cost

If this interests you, and there is a workable date on our calendar for you, contact us as shown for further information. If there is interest we would then do a preference sheet and consultation, followed by a straightforward charter contract and deposit.